1. Theme and Purpose

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During the last two conferences (viz., Providing Access for Sustainable Development in ‘09 & Solutions for Inclusive Development in ’10), we realized that there are so many people who are getting increasingly interested in – or at least, curious about - social entrepreneurship as a career option.

While youth (young professionals and students) formed a critical mass among them, there were also many seasoned professionals who seemed to be inclined to explore this sector/space.

This year, our attempt has been to design a Conference for the “novice”, i.e.,:

  • Are you someone who wants to do something for the society/ your community, but don’t know what and how?

  • Are you a young professional who has the skills and competence to make a difference, but are not clear where?

  • Are you a young social entrepreneur who wants explore new areas and to scale-up the impact of what you are already doing?

    This conference is our attempt to create an interactive space which can provide the youth/young professionals and new entrants into the sector, with an informed appreciation about this emerging field.