2. Conference Design & Schedule

Correspondingly, the theme of this conference - Youth, Development & Social Entrepreneurship - aims:

  • to create a platform for the youth (young professionals and students) to explore social entrepreneurship,

  • to help them to understand the nuances, challenges and opportunities in this field, and

  • to showcase some of the young social entrepreneurial ventures.

    The conference is designed around the following broad themes/ sessions:

    The Challenge
  • Youth, Volunteerism & Social Entrepreneurship
  • Challenges of Being a Young Social Entrepreneur

  • Creating Markets for Marginal Producers
  • Promoting Livelihood & Employment
  • Leveraging Technology for Social Development
  • Sustainable Models for Underserved Markets

    Getting Started
  • Options for Funding & Investments
  • Supporting Eco-System for Social Entrepreneurs

    In addition, the design also includes ‘break-out groups’ to provide opportunity and space to facilitate focused interaction among the participants and the resource persons.